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Battle Pirates Tutorial World Map Navigation

Battle Pirates Tutorial World Map Navigation

View other bases, cargo fleets, and targets in your sector.
  — BP Guide on Kixeye 


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Additional Facts

  • KIXEYE CM MagicSarap - Greetings Captains, World Map speed has increased! Traveling across the World Map will now be twice as fast going forward.
  • Increased Map Speed: Map Speed has been doubled for all ships on the World Map. Players will now innately travel faster on the World Map. Map Speed values will not change for ships, the innate speed of the World Map has been increased.
  • Previous restrictions on travel distance from your base has been lifted. Players can now travel all the way through their neighboring sectors.
  • Bug Fix - When zoomed out on the world map, players should no longer see the “Move Here” menu appear off-center.
  • Game Improvement - World Map movement has been optimized and delays in move commands should now be reduced in most instances.



Battle Pirates Navigation Relay

Battle Pirates Navigation Relay

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