Hello, my username is Jake Command Wolf here on the wiki, but I play under the name Wolfgaard in Battle Pirates in sector 384 and as of August 22nd 2011 I'm an administrator here on the Battle Pirates Wiki. (Big thanks to Pro Man for that, your the greatest dude! :D)

I’ve been playing for about two months now and I found this wiki not to long ago and decided to do my best to overall it, since it’s more of broken down backwater for Battle Pirates tidbits rather than a proper up kept neat and tidy wiki.

I'll do my best to make this wiki shipshape (pun intended) and I am ecstatic I have been granted adminship to facilitate this.

I'm going to need help, and lots of it! If you want to help here’s a list of things I need/looking for:

  • Pictures of all of the ships, including the Draconian variants.
  • Hard data about what Draconian fleets are armed with at each level defending salvage and resources.
  • General help fixing up this wiki, fixing typos, better grammar, accurate data, cleaning up spam, ect... ect...
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