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Event Overview

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The war rages on with Reaver forces continuing to relay in from their distant sectors. The constant onslaught has resulted in a dangerous escalation of Draconian power. Greta Spader has deployed her Typhoons into the fray, sparking the fury of veteran Forsaken forces. Captain Harlock is out for blood, calling all Forsaken to open conflict. The time for skirmishing has passed. These threats must be eradicated before the Forsaken are destroyed in the crossfire.

Tempest will begin June 12th and will run until June 16th.

Tempest will be a staggered start with the following times:

World Alpha: 9AM PDT
World Beta: 10AM PDT
World Gamma: 11AM PDT
World Delta: 12PM PDT
World Epsilon: 1PM PDT

Event Information

START TIME 09:00 PST Depending on the Sector
END TIME 09:00 PST Depending on the Sector
START DATE June 12, 2014
END DATE June 16, 2014
EVENT TYPE Attack Reaver & Draconian Fleets
ANTAGONIST Reavers & Dracs Lead by Grimshine & Commander Vassago
DURATION OF EVENT 4 Days Event Store open additional 24 hours

Primary Mission Objective

Players will be targeting sets of Warzone Targets to earn Points. Warzones will feature ships from the Draconian Empire and the Reaver Faction. Captains will be faced with the challenge of avoiding fire as the Draconians and Reavers clash in combat and are tasked with eliminating all forces present in the target.

  • Three enemy sets (A, B, C) have been targeted for destruction.
  • Clearing all targets in a specific set will grant a set bonus.
  • Set A = 61 - 65 High level targets
  • Set B = 41 - 45 Medium level targets
  • Set C = 21 - 25 Lowest level targets

ALERT! - A new target type has been identified in this event as the full weight of the Reavers and Draconians collide in combat. This target has a large point payout per ship destroyed, but should only be approached by Captains with the highest levels of technology.
Note: level 75 warzones are the new target type.

We've removed the cap on set completion. You may now complete each set as many times as needed, and still get a completion bonus.

Event Prizes

Tier 1

15,000 - 45,000

Prize Price
Battle Barge A 45,000 Elite
Vortex Torpedoes D61-A 30,000
Speed System I 30,000
Strike System I 30,000
Zynthonite Armor D2-E 30,000
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A 30,000
Phalanx Anti Missile I 30,000
Vortex Torpedoes D61-T 30,000
Shredder Cannon I 15,000 Sale
Zynthonite Armor D2-U 15,000
Alloy Armor MX-1 15,000
Zynthonite Armor D2-V 15,000
Alloy Armor CX-1 15,000

Tier 2

35,000 - 110,000

Prize Price
Battlecruiser 110,000 Elite
Phalanx Anti-Missile II 70,000
Speed System II 70,000
Strike System II 70,000
Assault Torpedoes D63-X 60,000
Assault Torpedoes D63-R 60,000
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar B 60,000
Zynthonite Armor D3-U 45,000
Zynthonite Armor D3-E 45,000
Shredder Cannon II 35,000
Alloy Armor MC-2 35,000
Alloy Armor CX-2 35,000

Tier 3

1,000,000 - 4,000,000

Prize Price
Barracuda 2,250,000 Elite
Sawfish 2,500,000 Sale
Assault Disruptor D33-D 4,000,000
Piranha Drone Module III 4,000,000
Zynthonite Armor D4-U 2,750,000
Depleted Uranium Shells III 2,000,000
Phalanx Anti-Missile III 2,000,000
Countermeasure Equipment III 1,750,000
Alloy Armor CX-3 1,500,000
Shredder Cannon III 1,000,000
Alloy Armor MC-3 1,000,000
Alloy Armor MX-3 1,000,000

Tier 4

2,250,000 - 7,500,000

Prize Price
Impulse Launcher D92-F 5,000,000 Elite
Disruptor Cannon 7,500,000
Javelin Rail Gun 7,000,000
Shockwave Mortar D71-Q 2,250,000
Impulse Launcher D92-U 4,500,000
Vulture Missiles 4,500,000
Assault Mortar D73-X 4,500,000
Hornet UAV 4,500,000
Speed System III 4,000,000
Strike System III 4,000,000
Assault Cannon D33-Z 4,000,000
Maelstrom Rockets V 4,000,000

Tier 5

10,000,000 - 12,500,000

Prize Price
Enforcer 12,500,000 Elite
Nuclear Cruiser 10,000,000 Sale

Prize Redemption

Tempest will feature a large pool of prize options per tier that are available for purchase. Players will earn points for completing sets of targets and will be able to redeem their points for prizes.

Players will be able to redeem three prizes per tier.

Target List

Set Target Fleet Description
C 21 3 ES, 3 RD
C 22 1 Inter R5, 3 Rad, 3 RD
C 23 1 RS, 3 RD, 3 ES
C 24 2 Inter R5, 2 Rad, 3 RD
C 25 2 RD, 1 RDH, 1 RS, 4 ES
B 41 12 RD, 8 NC, 3 RDH, 9 RS
B 42 2 RS, 2 RS, 1 Inter, 2 RD, 3 MCX, 2 SCX, 1 HLNC
B 43 7 RD, 7 RS, 3 RDH, 1 Hades, 1 SCX, 1 GB, 1 Inter, 2 ES
B 44 2 ECM, 13 Reaper, 3 RS, 2 ES
B 45 4 RH, 4 RS, 4 B, 1 GB, 6 SCX, 5 MCX R5, 3 Inter R5, 3 NC, 1 PN
A 61 1 Charon, 2 ES, 1 GB, 1 Inter, 7 RD, 3 RDH, 7 RS, 1 SCX
A 62 2 ECM, 13 Reaper, 3 RS, 2 ES
A 63 2 RDH, 4 RS, 4 B, 1 GB, 6 SCX, 5 MCX R5, 3 Inter R5, 3 NC, 1 PN
A 64 8 RD, 3 RS, 2 Inter, 4 MCX R5, 4 NC, 3 SCX,
2 Reaper, 1 Typhoon, 2 Hades, 1 ECM, 1 RDH, 1 B
A 65 5 NC, 16 Reaper, 1 RMS, 1 GB, 2 PN, 1 ES, 1 HLNC, 2 RS, 2 ECM, 1 RDH
Skull.png 75 1 Charon, 8 Reaper, 8 SCX, 5 Inter, 2 RMS, 8 NC, 2 PN, 15 RS, 6 RDH, 12 RD, 1B

For a more detailed Fleet Breakdown Visit BP-information.blogspot

Key & Ships Used:

Bonus Points Payout

  • Set A Bonus starts at 1,500,000 points, and the completion bonus caps out at 2,000,000 points.
  • Set B Bonus starts at 500,000 points, and the completion bonus caps out at 750,000 points.
  • Set C Bonus starts at 15,000 points, and the completion bonus caps out at 50,000 points.
  • Prizes in Tiers 1 and 2 have had their cost lowered to match the new points payouts in the "C" Tier.
  • The targets in each set will contribute roughly the same amount of points as the first bonus.
Completion→ 1 2 3 4 5>
Elite Up to 2,000,000
Set A 1.5m 1.6m 1.7m 1.8m 2m
Set B 500k 550k 600K 650K 750K
Set C 15k 25k 35k 45k 50k

Uranium Bonus

Points Needed: Uranium Awarded:
100,000 +100
500,000 +250
2,000,000 +500
5,000,000 +2,000
10,000,000 +5,000

New Prizes Information


  • A Draconian Mobile defense platform outfitted with twelve weapon slots, this dangerous back-channel Base Defender is best equipped with Radioactive Launcher Type weapons. High Armor and High Resistance means this hull will stand up to even the heaviest assault. Additionally, this hull boasts a 50% repair time modifier meaning it repairs in half the time normal ships do making it possible to keep your base defended more often.

Impulse Launcher D92-F

  • A Heavy radioactive flechette launcher optimized for Base Defense Fleets. Its increased Salvo barrages helps to trigger shockwaves faster.

Tips and Tricks

Looking to up your game? Take a look at this post which gives some tips and tricks when approaching Warzone Targets - CLICK HERE.

Prize Analysis

This is a link to bpprof and what he is going to say about the raid "Tempest" and its prizes - BPprof prize analysis:

"And what to get.... Yes - first of all you want the new stuff - Enforcer Hull and D92-F.  Best together, but the Enforcer will be useful even without a launcher.  Other prizes worth thinking about (based on the video showing the prizes):  Tier 5:  Nuclear Cruiser - NCs are the new MCX.  They might not beat every base, but they are very useful in PvE.  You want them.  (a upgraded version may be coming in campaigns, likely as a limited blueprint. I still don't think I'd pass these up if I didn't have them) Tier 4:  Hornet UAV - If you don't have either UAV, the Hornet should be your first choice.  The Dragonfly is a nice add-on, but not as your primary damage dealer. Javelin and Disrupter turret - these base defense turrets are used in the highest bases.  The Javelin has been around a few times lately but the Disrupter has not been seen so often. Speed and Strike System 3 - Yes you want these.

* If you lack a nuclear weapon, get the D92F or the D92U, they could go on a lot of hulls and worked pretty well.

Tier 3: Barracuda - nice FvF equalizer, relatively quick builds. Alloy Armor Specials (MC-3, CX-3, MX-3) - tailor your protection against your expected targets.  MC-3 is most common on base fleets. Countermeasures 3 Special - for dedicated Countermeasure ships. Assault Disrupter D33-D - if you can't get a Disrupter turret, these are useful on Goliath/Rampart for base defense. Tier 2: Battle Cruiser - Versatile hull if you don't have it, cheap too (110k points).  If you really can't get here, look for... Tier 1: Battle Barge A - ...and start building them insty repair with ballistics. Tiers 1-3:  Hailstorm and Phalanx (Anti-mortar and Anti-Missile) - these are always useful, lower level specials (non-3) aren't useful once you get a better version. Shredder Cannon - maybe not top priority, but these are going to get a lot more useful after the weapons update."


This war is far from over, and intel suggests Draconian reinforcements are assembling in the far north in preparation for their ultimate attack on the Reavers. We can't rely on guerrilla tactics any longer, Captain. It's time to take down our enemies head on!
  — Captain Harlock 

We've discovered the details of the Drac reinforcements! Typhoons have appeared in Warzone targets across the World Map. This time it's personal, Captain. Can we count on you?
  — Captain Harlock 

We've received word that the Dracs have a new defensive hull in their armada. The Enforcer, a recently declassified hull from Vassago's personal defense fleet, is a nuclear behemoth that we must claim for our own. Lay waste to Warzones to add this beast to your Shipyard. It's now or never, Captain! Tempest begins in less than 24 hours.
  — Captain Harlock 

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Battle Pirates Tempest


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