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Battle Pirates The Tactical Lab



A water-based lab used to research tactical modules.
  — In-game Description 

Building Progression*

Level Oil Metal Energy Zynthium * New Build Time, No Officer Requirements
1 305,000 415,000 804,000 350,000

9h 36m 00s

Level 7 naval lab
2 457,500 622,500 1,206,000 525,000 1d 01h 55m 12s Level 4 Outpost
3 1,372,500 1,867,500 3,628,000 1,575,000 2d Level 5 Outpost
4 2,745,000 3,735,000 7,236,000 3,150,000 2d 19h 12m Level 5 Outpost
5 4,117,500 5,602,500 10,854,000 4,725,000 3d 14h 24m 0s Level 5 Outpost
6 7,862,500 10,337,500 19,090,000 8,875,000 4d 0h 0m 0s Level 5 Outpost


  • The tactical lab is used for researching Tactical modules.
  • The tactical lab is an additional building in the forsaken arsenal used for researching tactical modules which can be installed only an arbiters, hurricanes or vanguards. Many tactical modules generate fields which grant bonuses to your fleets and buildings or imposes penalties on your opponents.
  • These ships can single handedly turn a loss into a win where hope wouldn't have existed before.
  • All of the tactical modules give the ship extra armor points, ranging from 500 to 14,000.

Additional Facts

  • As of September 2014 the Tactical Lab contains a new technology called TAC-INSTALLATIONS
  • The Tactical Lab contains a new technology tree for the Forsaken called Tactical Modules.
  • The Lab is placed on the water and like all research buildings performs research independent of other labs.




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