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Never be caught off guard again! Get alerts whenever your base is under attack.
  — In-game Description 

Building Features

Email Notification

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To configure this, click on the radio tower and select the RADIO TOWER button. Tick tke box of Attack Notifications and News & Updates then type your valid email address before click on the SAVE SETTINGS.Select from the options to set up email alerts (2 per day maximum).


  • The Radio Tower acts as a notification building for sending messages when the game updates and/or when your base is under attack from an enemy fleet.
  • No upgrades are available for this building and only 2 messages are sent per day to the email of the player's choice.
  • You can also setup Battle Pirates to text message you as soon as your base is under attack. This cool feature worked well most of 2013 but generally is broken since then.

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