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Builds and launches rockets to devastate enemy bases during base battles.
  — In-game Description 

Building Progression

Level Oil Metal Energy Zynthium Old Time New Time Requirements Repair Time
1 17,000 20,400 21,250 15,300 25m 2m Outpost 2


2 153,000 186,600 191,250 137,700 3h 45m 36m Outpost 3 fill
3 1,071,000 1,285,200 1,338,750 963,900 18h 45m 4h 3m Outpost 3 these in
4 5,355,000 6,426,000 6,693,750 4,819,500 2d 8h 15m 18h Outpost 4 12 hours
5 21,420,000 25,704,000 26,775,000 19,279,000 7d 0h 45m 22s 3ms  2d 19h 30m Outpost 5 24 hours

On March 12, 2014, many of the upgrade times were drastically reduced.  The old times are still useful to estimate the new times.


  • The Launch Pad serves as a platform to build and launch various types of Rockets.
  • Only one rocket can be readied for launch or used at a time.
  • Each rocket may be used only once.
  • Rockets may be used in FvF open-sea battles, or by you invading a base and launching a rocket into the base you want to flatten
  • Upgrading the Launch Pad enables players to build and launch better and larger rockets.
  • Rockets take from 3 to 7 hours to build a new on the Pad

Additional Facts

  • Level 5 Launchpad Repair Time has been reduced.

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