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Houses the officers given to you by your friends. Recruit officers by inviting your friends to play Battle Pirates.
  — In-game Description 


  • The Great Hall cannot be recycled nor upgraded, but may be Fortified.
  • Invitations can be sent through the top menu, the tab is conveniently named "Invite Friends".
  • Every friend who has not played Battle Pirates at any time before and accepts your invitation to the game give you an officer.

In the Hall you have a list of various tasks an idle officer can be assigned to:

  • Construction expert: +10% construction speed (for Buildings).
  • Armor Expert: +10% naval lab research speed.
  • Rocket Scientist: +10% rocket build speed.
  • Lab Scientist: +10% advanced lab research speed.
  • Weapon Expert: +10% weapon research speed.
  • Master Engineer: +10% ship construction speed.
  • Master Fixer: +10% ship repair speed.
  • Fleet Captain (x): fleet (x) gains +10% speed.
  • EM-Technoligist: +10% tactical lab research speed.
  • At the most you can use 22 officers as the current limit is 14 fleets.

Additional Facts

  • With the introduction of Rogue Crews , The Great Hall has become the Place to Recruit and preview you Rogue Crews.
  • The Great Hall has been updated to include an officer slot for the Tactical Lab. You can now assign an officer to be an "EM Technologist" to reduce research times by 10%.




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