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  • These Mining Platforms will replace the old resource Mines, and can be found near Draconian Bases.
  • These new Platforms allow for much quicker mining times and 500% cargo capacity.
  • Low-level Platforms will be plentiful, high-level Platforms will be more rare.
  • New Mining Platforms will display a counter that shows how long they will remain on the map.
  • Destroying the Mining Platform will grant the player a bonus to all resources for the initial destruction.
  • Once the Mining Platform is destroyed, a player can mine for the specific resource associated with the Platform up to 500% of their cargo capacity.
  • Players can send a separate fleet to guard their mining fleet against enemies.
  • If the player moves away from the Platform it will start to slowly lose the Resources inside it.
  • When a Mining Platform is empty it will sink into the ocean.

Additional Facts

  • 15 Reputation will be awarded to the player that destroyed the Platform. These will follow the rules for Elite Intel Fleets so higher level players won’t get Reputation from killing lower level Platforms.
  • Mining Platforms will have a chance to drop Blueprint parts at a higher rate than Cargo Fleets.
  • Levels 08-16 will have a chance at dropping Tier 1.
  • Levels 20-38 will have a chance at dropping Tier 2.
  • Levels 58-67 will have a chance at dropping Tier 3.
  • Lower level Platforms will see a reduction in firepower.
  • Bug Fixes: Kixeye’ve fixed an issue that would occasionally cause fleets that were recalled to base while mining from a Mining Platform to lose the resources they had mined.




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