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  • There are 4 types of armor:
    • Forsaken
    • Forsaken Plate
    • Draconian
    • Charged Armor
  • Armor is a plating applied to Hulls to increase their resilience and survivability, in exchange for increased weight.
  • Armor equipped on a ship adds points to the hull's base health.

List of Armors

  • Zynthonite Armor
  • Charged Armor

Additional Facts

  • For Forsaken Armors, each category of armor provides more points for less weight per point. For example, Depleted Uranium (DU) provide 2,156 points with a weight of 479 tons compared to Titanium's 1,118 points for 319 tons.
  • Depleted Uranium is almost double the points and only about 100 tons more. It is desirable to have armor that is weight efficient because of tonnage weights imposed on the ship by its hull and on the fleet by the size of the dock.
  • Depleted Uranium and Draconian Armors provide aproximately 4.5 armor points per ton of the armor.
  • In addition, as of Sept. 10, 2014, Kixeye upgraded turrets so now armor can be added to them as well: "Reinforcement Armor" that is available for research in your Naval Lab for use on turrets only.
  • The repair time of a damaged or destroyed ship is based on its amount of armor points.
  • That is 1 second per armor point, except in the case of submarines in which the time is 4 seconds per amor point. However, this 4 secs. rule varies somewhat  on the ship's hull type.
  • Repair time can be reduced by 10% by using a "Master Fixer" captain in the Great Hall.

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