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  • Campaigns are live (newly added July 2014) They are like mini monthly raids. Good practice too with them.
  • Access them with the new green icon at the top right corner next Alliance and Base.
  • There are currently eight playable Campaigns with both old and new technology available to claim.
  • New special, limited campaign commences 9 AM PDT, 9/26/2014, to get that most precious resource of them all, URANIUM. "Let it Burn (Elite)" campaign.
  • Campaigns for which you have unlocked all prizes will be marked as completed, so you’ll only be able to run Campaigns for which there are prizes available for you to win.
  • Campaigns can be replayed to gain all the prize packs listed.
  • Each time you complete the Campaign the entire Prize Pack will be awarded.
  • Time Limits:
    • 1st Prize Pack: 12h Time Limit.
    • 2nd Prize Pack: 6h Time Limit, Increased Difficulty.
    • 3rd Prize Pack: 1h? Time Limit, Increased Difficulty.
    • Mastery Prizes: 1h Time Limit, Increased Difficulty.
  • You can find screenshots of each level of the top 4 campaigns in the gallery below.
  • You can find a list of what Campaigns are available and at what level they unlock below:
Unlocks At Basic Summary Basic Info
Down the Barrel Level 5 Basic Cannon Rush Tactics. Playable 3 times for 3 different prizes.
Long Shot Level 10 Basic Missile Kiting Tactics. Playable 3 times for 3 different prizes.
Run the Trench Level 24 Basic Blitzing Base Tactics. Playable 3 times for 3 different prizes.
Shell the Shore Level 24 Basic Standoff Base Tactics. Playable 3 times for 3 different prizes.
Death Grip Level 28 Vassago has occupied Forsaken Bases. Playable 2 times for 2 different Prize packs
and Mastery 5 times for limited hulls.
Eye of the Storm Level 32 Greta's Typhoons are back! Playable 2 times for 2 different Prize packs
and Mastery 5 times for limited hulls.
Hunting the Nemesis Level 36 Destroy Drac Military Fleets. Playable 2 times for 2 different Prize packs
and Mastery 5 times for limited hulls.
Boiling Seas Level 40 Fight back the Reaver Invasion. Playable 2 times for 2 different Prize packs
and Mastery 5 times for limited hulls.
Fractured Empires

Level 44

Raid warzones Playable 2 times for 2 different Prize packs
and Mastery 5 times for limited hulls.


Prize Pack 1 Prize Pack 2 Prize Pack 3 Mastery Prize
Down the Barrel Impact Cannon D30-N Zynthonite Armor D3-C Battle Barge A
Long Shot Strike Missile D51-N Compound Armor D5-E Leviathan A -
Run the Trench Firestorm Rockets D91-N Speed System I Floating Fortress A -
Shell the Shore Shockwave Mortar D71-N Zynthonite Armor D2-E Rampart -
Death Grip Mauler
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar A
Alloy Armor MX-I
Shockwave Mortar D71-L
Sentinel Missiles V
Hailstorm Anti-Mortar B
Alloy Armor MX-II
Shockwave Mortar D75-S
- Zoe's Stingray (5)
Eye of the Storm Battleship
Siege Cannon D35-S
Compound Armor D5-E
Speed System I
Halo Missile
Compound Armor D5-M
Assault Cannon D33-P
Speed System II
- Spader's DNX (5)
Hunting the Nemesis Mercury
Strike System I
Phalanx Anti-Missile I
Assault Missile D53-M
Disruptor Cannon
Strike System II
Phalanx Anti-Missile II
Strike Missile D55-V
- Harlock's Triton (5)
Boiling Seas Goliath
Agility System I
Heavy Plating I
Countermeasure Equipment I
Agility System II
Countermeasure Equipment I
Heavy Plating II
- Vassago's Interdictor (5)

Additional Facts

See how they work particularly if the dracs defeat you and some strategy ideas.  Scroll down to the longest comment on page 1 by 'nickalh'

Thanks overall to Kixeye, so far the campaigns look pretty great.  It is wonderful to get some tech [we've] been wanting all year especially another opportunity for certain hulls.

Some clarifications and answers- this is my understanding of failing during campaigns, an official confirmation would be appreciated.  

The Basics

Each campaign has three different prize packs.  Each prize pack has multiple, 5?, targets which players must defeat in order to earn the prize.  Each campaign has a theme such as learning to rushing bases with ballistics, long range bombing on bases, ballistic rushing fleets, 

Failing a Single Target

If you fail a particular target, either by timing out (10 minutes for at least some of the targets) or your fleet gets completely destroyed, you may attack that target again with the only penalty being repair time to your fleets.  The damage to the target stays if you exit & then reenter the same target.

Failing on a Prize Pack

I think the only way to fail on an prize pack is if it times out.  Each prize pack has a maximum timer of 36?,  12 hours, 6 hours or 1 hour.  Of course repair time will affect your ability to complete it in time.  Simply repair everything (or try zombie tactics) and restart the prize pack at your convenience.  When ready restart the 6 or so targets for that prize pack from the beginning.  You get to keep the previous prize packs you've completed.  This includes prize packs successfully completed for that campaign.

When completing a prize pack level, you receive all the prizes in that prize pack.  If anyone has photo evidence of before and after with multiple prizes, then please post in a comment 

Prize Pack Choices

The mastery prizes may be repeated up to 5 times.  Unlike most hulls players may only build a single ship for each mastery prize.

Captains may view other players battles by clicking on the red ship in the battle.  This can be helpful to figure out effective strategies, etc.


One great strategy- zombie torrents, chainguns or possibly subs.  Torrent and chaingun give burst damage.  They only need to survive long enough to get into range and launch a full salvo.  This  can do significant damage compared to the repair time. 

A friend used zombie torrents earn the mercury in 2 hours, which was better than the prize he spent many hours earning during the raid.

If anyone knows the link to the excellent, full page explanation of zombie tactics please message it to me.  Click on my name above or my picture.


Robot has said that captains may start a campaign anytime at all.





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